Ravello wedding photography – Jayssen and Karuna

Ravello on the Amalfi Coast was the location for Jayssen and Karuna’s fabulous wedding celebrations.  Barrie had photographed their civil ceremony in London previously and this was their chance to celebrate with family and friends.  This was our first visit to Ravello and we were blown away by just how beautiful it is.  Jayssen and Karuna chose to have a photo session before the ceremony and we took some time to go to the famous Villa Cimbrone gardens for some shots on the famous Terrace of Infinity.

The ceremony took place in the late afternoon at Villa Eva in the garden overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a really perfect setting!  As photographers we were made so welcome by not only Jayssen and Karuna but also their family and friends.  Villa Eva is situated right at the top of Ravello and we were able to take Jayssen and Karuna up to the rooftop for some spectacular Signature images as the sun began to go down.

Here are a selection of images from their wedding day, we hope you enjoy them.  If you are getting married in Italy and looking for wedding photographers, please do get in touch!

Ravello-wedding-photography_0009-2(pp_w768_h562)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0010-2(pp_w768_h786)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0011-2(pp_w768_h710)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0012-2(pp_w768_h525)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0013-2(pp_w768_h736)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0014-2(pp_w768_h700)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0015-2(pp_w768_h538)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0016-2(pp_w768_h676)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0017-2(pp_w768_h567)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0018-2(pp_w768_h799)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0019-2(pp_w768_h655)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0020-2(pp_w768_h387)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0021-2(pp_w768_h609)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0022-2(pp_w768_h791)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0023-2(pp_w768_h967)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0024-2(pp_w768_h1438)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0025-2(pp_w768_h979)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0026-2(pp_w768_h871)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0027-2(pp_w768_h922)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0028-2(pp_w768_h347)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0029-2(pp_w768_h727)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0030-2(pp_w768_h865)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0031-2(pp_w768_h615)  Ravello-wedding-photography_0032-2(pp_w768_h700)

  • Joe AdamsJuly 3, 2014 - 2:28 pm

    Great job! These are stunning.

    But none of the best man speech….?? 😉

    Congrats to the couple and thanks to Bev and Baz.


    • Bev DownieJuly 4, 2014 - 2:38 pm

      Hi Joe

      Glad you like them!

      This is just a very small selection, the full gallery features the Best Man’s speech in all its’ glory!