How much does wedding photography cost UK?

As well as the quality and style of photography the question how much does wedding photography cost UK? is always near the top of the list when planning a wedding. With so many other costs to take into consideration when you are first setting a wedding budget its good to get an idea of what decent wedding photography costs in the UK, you will find photographs to suit every budget form just a few hundred pounds to many thousands there will be a professional wedding photographer in every market segment but as with most things in life you do tend to get what you pay for.

Cheap wedding photography in London starts from around £500 and for this you should expect someone with little wedding photography experience and they maybe a student just starting out as a wedding photographer or someone who is a hobbyist just photographing weddings the side for a little extra money to supplement their main job.

Looking for a London wedding photographer under £1000? in the mid priced wedding photography bracket between £900 and £1500 you would find an experienced wedding photographer with a reasonable understanding of lighting and posing couples on their wedding day, they would have professional insurance and backup camera equipment as well.

With a wedding photography budget from £1500 to £10,000 you are going to be able to choose from some of the very best London wedding photographers, they will have professional quality camera’s and lenses and a great understanding of light both natural and supplemental and be able to work under any conditions in all weathers and still produce amazing results each and every time. Often the wedding photographers in the higher price bracket will have won awards and industry recognition over the years for the quality of their wedding photography as well as be highly recommended by previous clients. If you are looking for a top quality photographer it’s always a good idea to look at some of their recent testimonials and see how highly rated they are by previous brides and grooms. As you will be spending a lot of time on your wedding day with your photographer do bear in mind that as well as liking their wedding photography it really helps to get the best out of your experience if you like them and get on with them as well!


Wedding photography costs vary so much between photographers not just based on their skill level and expertise but also the many hidden costs of business that brides and grooms don’t see. Photographers insurance, the use of an office or space for office at home, marketing costs, High end computers and specialist software such as Photoshop, wedding albums and printed products hosting software for galleries and downloadable content.