How to learn wedding photography | essential guide for beginners

Do you want to know how to learn wedding photography and become a successful wedding photography?

Becoming a wedding photography can be a great way to enjoy your passion for photography, if you want to know how to learn wedding photography  and make a decent living with your camera is a dream for many which lets face it for most people with a desire to make money doing something they love is their work goal. The best way to start out as a wedding photographer is tog et a good grounding and education the basics of photography and an understanding of light and how it can be used to flatter a subject or create drama and tension where needed to draw in the viewer of the photograph.

Understanding light and shadow

Once you have an understanding of light and shadow you need to be able to master your camera settings and and be able to change any of the multitude of settings on your camera almost without having to think about it, weddings move really fast and you don’t have time to waste looking for the button that changes the ISO or the white balance you need to be able to move quickly and your camera settings should be second nature.

how to learn wedding photography



Posing the bride and groom

lots of existing photographers who become wedding photographers or for those just starting out one of the trickiest arts to master is how to pose a bride and groom and get the finished results looking elegant and artistic, I recommend learning from some of the best wedding photographers in the business maybe lookup someone who’s work you love and see if they offer training courses or 1 to 1 photography courses or mentoring.

london wedding paradise by way of kensal green


Finding a good background

Sometimes a great background can be staring you right int he face and other times you may have to get a little more creative to make something from nothing, but there can almost always be something you can use to create an interesting backdrop for those wider shots of the bride and groom for scene setting. In the photo below I was lucky enough to have a beautiful sunset at a Palace in Portugal but I still needed to find the right vantage point to take the photo from, pose them and light them all within the two minutes I had to get this shot as they entered their wedding reception through the door they are standing by.

find a good background for wedding photography


With the image below I have pulled all of the elements together that make a great wedding photo, lovely light from the sun setting with additional light from behind the couple from an off camera flash, a simple pose and inserting use of light and shadow to create a gorgeous image of the couple which looks great as a double page album spread.

light and backround when learning wedding photography

A simple doorway frames the couple beautifully surrounded by negative space

How to learn wedding photography by the best

Wedding photography workshop

I also host wedding photography workshops in London and across the UK and Europe for more details or to book onto my next wedding photography workshop please get in touch and I will send you details of my next wedding photography course.