What is pre wedding photography?

Pre wedding photography is now a big business in the UK and across Europe, although in the west some couples may choose to have an engagement photography session before their wedding to celebrate their engagement and share those photos of the engagement ring and their new fiancé with their friends and family, what has become known as pre wedding photography is usually couples from countries in Asian such as China, Hong Kong and Singapore who are intending to get married in their home country flying overseas and doing an elaborate pre wedding photoshoot in London, Paris, Prague, Venice or even Iceland.


They will usually be dressed in stunning bridal gowns and  tailor made suits and quite often have more than one outfit so get changed part way through the day or even book a pre wedding shoot for multiple days. They will often require the services of a top hair and makeup artist from London or Pars to attend the day with them to make sure they look their best in every shot taken. They love to feature some of the famous landmarks and landscapes from they city or country they have chosen to visit such as Big Ben, Westminster Bridge in London or Le Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris to show they are well travelled and appreciate the culture and history of other countries.

I have been a pre wedding photographer for over 10 years and have been fortunate enough to photograph some beautiful couples in some wonderful locations worldwide and they love to have creative and artistic photos for their pre wedding shoot and that s my favourite type of shoot so I love to create something unique and special for the couple to share with their family when they get home for their wedding day.

I have been interviewed by the BBC News for my award winning pre wedding photography in London and you can see that interview in the video below.