Choosing a London wedding photographer

Choosing a London wedding photographer can be high on a couples priority list at this time of year – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Spring is in the air and enquiries for wedding photography have taken off like a rocket!  If you got engaged over Christmas or New Year, congratulations!  If you are thinking of popping the question then good luck!

Choosing your London wedding photographer should be right up there on your list of priorities if having beautiful wedding photography is important to you.  The best wedding photographers book up months in advance and to ensure that you are able to have someone that you both like and trust capturing your day for you, you should be looking to secure your photographer as soon as possible, once you have decided on the date of your wedding.

So how do you choose the perfect London wedding photographer for you?

What style of wedding photography do you love?

How do you pick a photographer for your wedding and what are all these different styles you may think?
Well there are many different styles of wedding photography.  Perhaps you prefer candid, reportage images or more creative stylish images?  When looking at websites, have a look through the galleries and see how the images make you feel.  Photography is an emotional purchase, it is not the same as buying a cake or hiring a car.  You need to feel love for your wedding images for many years to come – if a photographer’s images don’t grab you, keep looking.

Documentary wedding photography: do you love candid, spontaneous photographs of people with very little to no intervention from the photographer? expect lots of black and white photos of candid moments, capturing the tears and laughter of your wedding day and a fly on the wall perspective of your wedding, with little to no direct control of lighting and backgrounds you will be a the mercy of the weather and your venue to a certain extent but usually shot with a very shallow depth of field to focus on the subject and blur any distracting background. If you choose a purely photojournalistic photographer, you’ll very rarely see people looking into the lens and the photos come together in a journalistic style to tell the story of your day.

 Fine Art wedding photography: with a filmic feel fine art is a description that shows photos that are are dramatic and gorgeous. Shot on film or with a look of film they have a more organic analogue quality about them and when put together in an album with documentary shots thought the day can achieve a wonderful book showing a great range of photos from your wedding.

Contemporary wedding photography: Seen as edge and bold this style of photography is great for young and fun wedding couples looking for something alternative and different from their wedding photographer. Quite often employing intersting lightning patterns, unusual angles and shooting through foreground into the subject a great way fro the modern couple to express themselves in their wedding photography.

How do you want your images delivered?

Most photographers these days provide digital images but do consider including an album in your considerations.  It is lovely to have the digital files but realistically how often do you sit down at your computer and look at photographs?  There is nothing like seeing professional images in a quality wedding album that you can get out and share with family and friends, so get in touch with London wedding photographer Barrie Downie to check my availability for your wedding date and get my latests wedding brochure and wedding photography prices.

If you are recently engaged and looking for pre wedding photography in London, Paris or anywhere in Europe take a look at my Pre wedding photographer page here.


choosing a london wedding photographer


How to choose a wedding photographer?

Choosing a London wedding photographer can be made a simpler process by filling out the form below and I will get in touch with you to hear all about your wedding plans and how I can help you achieve your dream wedding photography. As a brand ambassador for Loxley Colour the UK’s leading professional photographic lab I supply only the very best wedding albums and framed prints that will last a lifetime.


Why choose a professional wedding photographer?

Many people may ask the question why choose a professional wedding photographer? when lots of their friends have a good quality DSLR, or even question the need of a camera at all when the latest iPhone or Samsung smart phone has an an amazing camera built in and apps to add filters and effects. Well the truth is that no matter what you use to capture the image you still need a great understanding of light, composition, posing and direction as well as a rapport with your subject to produce a great set of wedding photos and would you want to leave to chance one of the most import parts of your day because your friend had shown you just one photo they took at a wedding on their iPhone that was amazing?

A professional wedding photographer will have years of experience and training not to mention qualifications and insurance should anything go wrong, when making the decision on choosing a wedding photographer, if photos are important to you, don’t take a chance and book a professional wedding photographer to document your wedding and take away the stress of any uncertainty.