Spitbank Fort Wedding Photography – Felicia and Andrew

Having lived on the South Coast for many years, we have passed Spitbank Fort by boat many, many times but until very recently we had never ‘been aboard’ until the wedding of Felicia and Andrew at the end of July.  As wedding venues go, they don’t get much more unique than this converted gun tower, built to defend the coastline from attack.  The transformation in to a luxury venue for weddings and events has been done incredibly well and it is simply beautiful!

Felicia and her Bridesmaids were so relaxed getting ready in the gorgeous Churchill suite while Felicia and Andrew’s gorgeous dog Tedi was getting ever more excited outside!  While the girls finished getting ready, the boys were enjoying a nerve-settling pint of beer at Portchester.

Arriving for your wedding by boat is pretty special and we moored at the jetty just a short walk from the church.  There were lots of admiring looks for Felicia as she made her way to meet Andrew at the Altar.  The ceremony was lovely with Tedi delivering the rings without a hitch!  Following the ceremony, we joined the bridal party on the boat trip back to the Fort while the guests caught a larger boat from nearby Port Solent.  Arriving at the Fort early gave us a chance to capture some great shots of Felicia and Andrew together before everyone arrived and the reception could begin.  To keep guests entertained (as if exploring this incredible venue was not enough!) there was a treasure hunt around the Fort, which caused great hilarity and some very dubious interpretation of the rules by some guests! Spitbank Fort wedding photography is so special with such a unique wedding venue.

Dinner was served in the Officers Mess, which has a really nautical feel and this was carried through to the table decorations and favour boxes.  Felicia had not left anything unplanned with the favours being personally printed M&M’s.  Brilliant speeches followed by Felicia’s Uncle, Andrew and a Best Man’s speech which had everyone in tears of laughter!  Following the meal, guests made their way up to the Crow’s Nest bar for cocktails and dancing and then as the night fell guests lit Chinese lanterns.  This was such a fun and unique wedding and we can’t wait to return to Spitbank Fort again!

Make-up by Lorraine Clay

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Spitbank Fort wedding photography

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