Stansted House wedding photography – Darren and Rosie

Stansted House is one of our more local venues and it was here we photographed the wedding of Rosie and Darren at the end of June.  The weather threatened rain, which was kind enough to stay away for the majority of the day but also to give us some very funky clouds to work with!  Rosie got ready at home with her bridesmaids and family and Bev was there to capture the final moments as she prepared to leave while Barrie met the boys at Stansted.

Rosie made her grand entrance to Stansted in a fabulous carriage pulled by two gorgeous and enormous Suffolk Punch horses – it just seemed like to perfect way to arrive at this magnificent venue.  After the civil ceremony within the house guests made their way over to St Paul’s chapel within the grounds of the house for a blessing of their marriage.

Drinks and afternoon tea were served while we took the family photographs.  We are always happy to photograph these groups, they are a record of family history and it is lovely to see several generations in the same photographs.  The wedding meal took place in a marquee next to the house, which had been beautiful and painstakingly decorated with pom poms.  The tables were named after African animals and guests received pots of home made jam to take away as a gift.

After dinner, the fiendishly difficult maze at Stansted House was opened up for the guests to attempt to be first to reach the centre and the prize and there was much hilarity (and cheating!) as it turned out to be a lot harder than it first appeared.  Rosie and Darren’s wedding was a lot of fun and we loved working at Stansted House.  If you are having a Stansted House wedding and would like to discuss photograph, please do get in touch.

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    Wow absolutely love them, really gorgeous shots and love looking back through the most perfect day.ReplyCancel